How we do things

To enrich and empower the clients, CARD Bank, Inc. provides financial and outsource its non-financial services such as access to microinsurance, business development services and marketing support, educational support, health protection services and franchise opportunities to other members of the CARD MRI.

One of the major and important strategies being implemented by CARD Bank, Inc. is the transfer of ownership of capital to qualified members whereby members can buy shares of stocks of CARD Bank, Inc. through transfer of their compulsory saving as payment for shares of stocks. As part of the benefits as stockholders, they receive annual dividends. In addition, to emphasize participation by the clients in the policy formulation and governance, clients sit on the Board of Directors of CARD Bank, Inc.

CARD Bank, Inc. ensures access of its products and services to its clients. It has established Micro Banking Offices (MBOs) permitted and approved by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas across the nation.