Mary Jane Enciso

E.R. Enciso Store
Galing Ni Nanay 2013 – Masigasig Awardee


Although she had wanted to put up a “sari-sari” store to supplement the family’s income and service the needs of her community, the idea of borrowing money to do this did not appeal to Nanay Mary Jane. This is why she was a bit hesitant to join CARD at first. When she finally became a CARD member in 2007, she applied for her first loan of P4, 000 to fund her sari-sari store business.

E.R. Enciso Store started in a makeshift window made out of bamboo, which was an extension of the family’s house in Ocampo, Camarines Sur. Being very attentive to the needs of their customers, it has been a practice for Nanay Mary Jane to list down items that their patrons would look for. As soon as the store earns a profit, she would add more merchandise in her next buying trip. When the Enciso couple recognized that their business venture presented a huge potential to earn more, Tatay Erwin decided to quit farming and help Nanay Mary Jane manage their store. As the micro enterprise flourished, they constructed a bigger store to accommodate more merchandise.

It was a “give and take” partnership between this husband and wife tandem. They take turns in buying supplies for the store and caring for the needs of their growing kids. Joining Hapinoy in 2009 gave Nanay Mary Jane the inspiration to also help other nanays in their community. Since Nanay Mary Jane orders her items in bulk, she got to enjoy special discounts from the bigger suppliers in their town. This enabled her wholesale customers to buy her merchandise at a lower price and helped them become more profitable. On a good day, E.R. Enciso Store’s sales would reach as high as P15, 000.00. Aside from regular grocery items, Nanay Mary Jane also offers “SMART PADALA”, sells gasoline and even has videoke rental.

They also operate a rice mill which serves the farmers in their barangay. Nanay Mary Jane firmly believes that every minute is an opportunity to earn income. This is why whenever she would go to town or visit her son’s school, she makes it a point to always bring back items to sell.

Typical of any sari-sari store owner, Nanay Mary Jane was not spared from the creditors. She realized that this is something that one should simply learn to manage and control to keep the business afloat. There are several traits that Nanay Mary Jane continues to uphold and which she considers to have made a positive impact in her life as a micro entrepreneur. To her, it is important to love your business and continue to search for ways to better serve your market.

Looking at the future, the Encisos plans to purchase a second hand vehicle and put up a rolling store so they can reach and serve more families in their community.

She takes much gratification in not only being able to have a booming business but in being given the opportunity to contribute in improving the livelihood of others by sharing her experiences as a micro entrepreneur. Nanay Mary Jane believes that the Lord is always there to help anyone but it is important to also do your share to help and uplift yourself.

~Mary Jane Enciso