CARD Bank, Inc. opens new branch in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro

As CARD Bank, Inc. aims to bring banking closer to people, it opened its 85th branch in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro on May 8, 2017.

CARD Bank Victoria is the fifth branch in Oriental Mindoro.  It opened its first branch in the island on December 16, 2006 in Calapan, Oriental Mindoro to cater to the needs of micro entrepreneurs in the area. CARD Bank Calapan used to cater to the banking needs of its microfinance clients in Victoria.

“Opening a branch here in Victoria is a fulfillment of our goal of bringing banking services closer to our beloved clients,” said Ms. Lorenza Bañez, CARD Bank Executive Vice President adding that the clients are their inspiration to always improve their services.

“We are here to stay and to serve not only today but for the next generations of members in Mindoro.  It is possible because of the full support given by everyone – the members and staff and of course with the cooperation of Victoria’s local government.” EVP Bañez added.

CARD Bank is a member institution of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) that is in the business of poverty eradication in the country.  “As CARD MRI expands and improves, we always ensure that the quality of life of our clients are also improved. Once we achieve that, we consider that as our success,” said Ms. Flordeliza L. Sarmiento, new CARD MRI Managing Director.

To date, CARD Bank caters to more than 2 million families throughout the country. It offers micro loans, savings product, and remittance services that will help them improve their lives.It also offers ownership of capital to qualified members through stockholdings by transferring their pledge savings as payment for shares of stock. In return members who are stockholders will receive annual dividends and enjoy other privileges of being a stockholder. Pledge savings is a type of savings product for microfinance clients of the bank.

Mrs. Elena Evora, one of the first members of CARD Bank in Mindoro said that she was able to buy shares of stocks in CARD Bank. “Now I am enjoying the privileges of being a stockholder. We salute CARD Bank for all its services to us that’s why we love and patronize CARD Bank,”added Mrs. Evora.

CARD Bank is continuously opening branches in the country. From January this year, eight branches were already opened.