It’s a Wrap

Posted on September 23, 2022

Eliezer Villanueva prepares wonton dumplings for “Kap Ising’s pancit Molo” branches in Iloilo.

When visiting Iloilo, trying a steaming bowl of Pancit Molo is an experience not to be missed. From its name, the soup originated in Molo District in Iloilo City and was conceived during the Spanish Colonial era. Best known for its soup and ground meat wrapped in wonton wrapper, it is a dish that has since surpassed the times with its unique blend of flavors from the Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese cultures. Through this unique dish, Eliezer Villanueva, also known as Kap Ising, found his success, being able to set up numerous branches.

Eliezer’s childhood has been around this business. His mother owns their original Pancit Molo recipe with him being the delivery boy. He would go from office to office, door to door, to deliver his mother’s Pancit Molo. When the time came, he took over the business and made it what it is today.

One of his employees, 15 years ago, was a client of CARD Bank. A microfinance-oriented rural bank, CARD Bank supports local entrepreneurs by providing them access to financial products and non-financial services. Eliezer became interested in the products and services CARD Bank was offering and later became a client. It was then that Eliezer was able to put his business plans into action.

With the loan he received from CARD Bank, his plans of expanding branches of “Kap Ising’s Pancit Molo” were put into motion. Though it took years before each branch was established, slowly but surely, Eliezer was able to establish his branches around Iloilo.

Now, “Kap Ising’s Pancit Molo” is one of the well-known establishments that serves the unforgettable Pancit Molo, as well as empanadas and other dishes. He and his business eventually got featured in the mainstream media as a testament to the quality of food they serve.

Like his Pancit Molo that serves meaty goodness under wonton wraps and filling noodles with soup, “Kap Ising’s Pancit Molo”, under the wraps of his success, lies a story that also has been tested by the passage of time. “CARD Bank has been a great partner, providing Kap Ising’s the financial help that we use to expand our business. With this partnership, it helped us in making all this possible,” Eliezer concluded.