Crispy Success

Posted on September 23, 2022

Jinky Baldove presents one of their lechons in their expanded lechonan, capable of accommodating huge orders her business receives.

If there’s a chance, anyone should take the opportunity to indulge themselves in chowing down on a crispy, freshly served Lechon Baboy. Known as one of the country’s must-try delicacies for tourists and a staple offering on special occasions, nothing takes the spotlight other than this crispy viand. But to be able to rich this crispy result, attention, patience, and perseverance must be poured into the process. Living through these virtues is how Jinky Baldove, a lechonan and restaurant owner in Santo Niño Norte, Villa Arevalo District, Iloilo City, made a name for her business.

For many years, the lechonan was Jinky’s and her family’s source of income. As a business that offers one of the country’s most beloved viands, one would assume that their business is a hit especially as Filipinos have no shortage of celebrations. The business was doing good, but a partner came along and soon helped Jinky and her family take the business to the next level.

The staff of CARD Bank, a microfinance-oriented rural bank of CARD MRI, visited Jinky’s barangay to share information about CARD Bank and its products and services. CARD Bank offers financial products and services to support and help its clients and their family start and grow their businesses. One of CARD Bank’s products particularly caught Jinky’s attention, the insurance that comes at an affordable price. It convinced her to join and her loan products she availed in the institution helped her grow her business. With a loan that only started at PhP4,000, she was able to grow her business even more. With her 14 years as a CARD Bank client, she was able to expand her business in terms of area and start her own carinderia business where she offers one of Iloilo’s well-known dishes, the Batchoy.

With her good track record, she was able to avail larger amount of loan that she solely uses for her business. She believes that if money is used for the right reasons, good things are sure to follow. Just like how she uses the right ingredients and proper planning and execution to serve the beloved Lechon, Jinky did the same with her finances, and with the help of CARD Bank, she is now able to experience the crisp of success.