Three sisters and a business

Posted on September 1, 2022

In life, there is shortcut to success. If you want to achieve greater things, you must work hard for it. Three sisters from Davao City are living testaments that climbing the ladder to success might be difficult, but reaching the top is possible with perseverance, faith, and patience.

The Lanaban Sisters—Raquel, Basti and Sarah—all worked abroad to make ends meet. While different in personalities, the sisters had one goal in mind: to go back in the Philippines for good and start a family business.

The three started a sewing business from scratch, with limited funds and resources. Being the most creative of the sisters and having the most knowledge in sewing, Raquel designs most of the products they sold. They started with pillowcases, then they started producing bags and wallets as well. Their paper wallets became known for its quality and design that many shopping malls around Davao City started to sell them as souvenirs.

However, the sales of their products decreased during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. But because of their hardworking and persevering spirit, they used social media as a new platform to increase their sales. They also ventured into food business, opening an eatery where they also display their other products.

The challenge of the pandemic also inspired them to become even more creative. Now, they plan to introduce a new product line made from abaca fiber. They envision this to produce more employment for their community.

Apart from being business minded, the three have one more thing in common. They are all clients of CARD Bank, Inc., a microfinance-oriented rural bank and a member-institution of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI), for more than a decade. The loans they availed from the bank allowed them to fund their business and to renovate their houses.

Aside from financial services, the Lanaban sisters were also assisted by another institution from CARD MRI. Mga Likha ni Inay (MLNI), the marketing arm of CARD MRI, introduced their products to various provinces in the Philippines.

“We are immensely grateful to CARD MRI, an institution that has been there for our family from the beginning of our journey as entrepreneurs,” Raquel concluded.

To know more about CARD Bank and Mga Likha ni Inay, visit CARD MRI is a group of institutions with a goal of eradicating poverty in the Philippines through the provision of financial, non-financial, and community development programs.