CARD Sulit Padala waves goodbye to long queues with remit to deposit for CARD clients

Posted on March 3, 2022

Through CARD Sulit Padala outlets nationwide, CARD clients can now conveniently and affordably send money straight to their loved ones’ CARD savings account anywhere in the Philippines.

CARD MRI clients can now say “bye” to long queues and “hello” to more convenient transactions with CARD Sulit Padala’s new remit to deposit service! 

Through CARD Sulit Padala, clients of CARD, Inc. (A Microfinance NGO), CARD Bank, CARD SME Bank, and CARD MRI RIZAL BANK can now send money straight to their loved ones’ CARD savings account in any CARD Sulit Padala outlets nationwide.

CARD MRI Managing Director Aristeo A. Dequito is optimistic that the new service of CARD Sulit Padala will help CARD MRI clients to have easier and faster banking transactions. “With this goal in mind, we are ever-ready and equipped to improve the alternative delivery channels of CARD MRI, including CARD Sulit Padala, to give our clients more options to send money to their families.”

Dequito also mentioned that with the additional outlets of CARD Sulit Padala, clients can now easily access CARD MRI’s financial services, in line with its financial inclusion initiatives and its mission of poverty eradication.

CARD Sulit Padala, formerly known as CARD Bilis Padala, is a local money remittance service, operating since 2006. It finally gained recognition as CARD Sulit Padala in 2012, and has since upgraded to serve clients more efficiently in 2017. Aside from express lanes for CARD Sulit Padala customers, it is also known for its “Piso sa unang padala” promo that charges as low as PhP 1.00 for its customer’s first transaction, amounting to PhP 20,000 and below. Affordable charges also apply in succeeding transactions with CARD Sulit Padala.

CARD clients can also pay their loans through CARD Sulit Padala, which gives its clients more options on where to pay their amortization dues. Moreover, CARD Sulit Padala also welcomes non-clients of CARD to send and receive money through the remittance provider as well.

To send money through CARD Sulit Padala, visit any CARD, Inc. unit offices or CARD Bank, CARD SME Bank, and CARD MRI RIZAL BANK branches and branch-lite units. Head to the remittance outlet and fill out the remittance slip. Indicate the date, sender, beneficiary, and contact information, sign the remittance slip, and present it to the remittance personnel together with one valid government issued ID or CARD client ID.

To receive money, fill out the remittance slip with the correct Reference Code from the sender. Present one valid ID, and you are good to go. Whether a customer is a CARD client or not, there is no need to wait in line as CARD MRI gives priority to customers of CARD Sulit Padala.

With CARD Sulit Padala’s 1,449 outlets as of January 31, 2022, customers can now send and receive money from their loved ones with ease. To know more about CARD Sulit Padala and their affordable remittance fees, visit their official Facebook page, @CARDSulitPadalaOfficial