In line with the increasing cases of COVID 19 and with the stricter health security protocols of the Local Government Units to prevent and control its massive transmission, please be informed that the following branches will implement a shorter banking hour, as follows.

No.Branch Name Banking HoursRemarks
1Sipocot 8am to 2pmJanuary 9-15, 2021
2Libmanan 8am to 2pmJanuary 9-15, 2021
3Naga 8am to 2pmJanuary 9-15, 2021
4La trinidad 8am to 2pmUntil Further Notice
5Pili 8am to 2pmJanuary 9-15, 2021
6Goa 8am to 2pmJanuary 9-15, 2021
7Nabua 8am to 2pmJanuary 9-15, 2021
8Tagkawayan 8am to 3pmJanuary 5-31, 2022
9Mulanay 8am to 3pmJanuary 5-31, 2022
10Gumaca 8am to 3pmJanuary 5-31, 2022
11Lucban 8am to 3pmJanuary 5-31, 2022
12Calauag 8am to 3pmJanuary 5-31, 2022
13Atimonan 8am to 3pmJanuary 5-31, 2022
14San Pablo 9am to 2pmJanuary 7-15, 2021
15Maharlika 9am to 2pmJanuary 7-15, 2021
16Barleta 9am to 2pmJanuary 7-15, 2021
17Pasay 9am to 3pmJanuary 4-15, 2022
18Davao 9am to 3pmUntil Further Notice
19San Fernando La Union 9am to 3pmUntil Further Notice
20ParaƱaque 9am to 3pmJanuary 4-15, 2022
21Talon 9am to 3pmJanuary 4-15, 2022
22Las Pinas 9am to 3pmJanuary 4-15, 2022
23Matina 9am to 3pmUntil Further Notice
24Buhangin 9am to 3pmUntil Further Notice