konek2CARD ramps up campaign to advance digital financial inclusion in the country

Posted on October 15, 2021

To achieve its goal of bringing digital banking services to 3.5 million clients by June 2022, konek2CARD of the CARD MRI Banking Group launches several campaigns starting the fourth quarter of 2021.

konek2CARD, a mobile banking application that allows CARD MRI clients to do their banking transactions safely and more conveniently at home, first achieved its milestone on June 28, 2021, when it reached one million konek2CARD registrations. Now, it aims to achieve 3.5 million registered users by the end of the year.

“For the final quarter of 2021, konek2CARD’s push for increasing our users is fueled by our goal of bringing safer transaction options for our clients. With different variants of COVID-19 emerging in the country, we want to improve our service delivery for our clients and bring our financial services at the palm of their hands,” CARD SME Bank President and CEO and konek2CARD Champion Cynthia B. Baldeo shared as to why konek2CARD strives to increase its users before the year ends.

Specifically, the organization aims to lessen their clients’ inconvenience when it comes to doing their financial transactions by encouraging konek2CARD agent-mediated transactions instead of heading to CARD’s offices and Branch-Lite Units. These konek2CARD agents are accredited by CARD MRI and can be found within the clients’ communities.

Another part of the improvement of CARD’s digital financial transactions is the launching and campaigning of konek2CARD Plus or kPlus. This improved version of konek2CARD allows the clients of CARD, Inc. (A Microfinance NGO), CARD Bank, CARD SME Bank, and CARD MRI RIZAL BANK to use a single mobile banking application to simplify transactions.

Identifying specific targets

Although accessible nationwide, konek2CARD still needs to widen its reach in some parts of the country to bring its services closer to its clients; thus, CARD MRI has identified specific locations on which they plan to campaign and encourage the use of konek2CARD. These are Baguio, La Union, Candon, Vigan, Laoag, Aparri, Bicol, and Cebu.

Programs and Awards

To entice its clients to use konek2CARD for safer transactions, konek2CARD launched several campaigns and contests that will last until December 2021.

konek2CARD will recognize its top performing agents monthly and quarterly. The contest will run from September to November 2021.

For centers, the “Center Level App Challenge” encourages 100% of its members to use konek2CARD. The first 14 centers per institution to reach 100% konek2CARD membership will receive cash prizes and limited-edition items from their respective institutions. Account Officers handling top performing centers will also receive prizes. Centers may race to 100% konek2CARD center membership until December 2021.

As frontrunners of konek2CARD’s campaign, konek2CARD Agents are given recognition in the “Flex your konek2CARD Agent and Win” contest. In this, clients will post a selfie with their konek2CARD Agents after having their transactions. Each selfie will count as a raffle entry in the weekly raffle, and winners will get PhP300 worth of load. The campaign will end on October 15, 2021

Meanwhile, konek2CARD also makes sure that clients will get to experience transacting using the mobile banking application with “Level App your Savings and WIN” contest. In this, selected financial transactions done by a client will serve as a raffle entry to win PhP300 worth of cashback. Draw date will be on October 11, 2021, via Zoom.

Bigger Picture

CARD MRI Managing Director Aristeo A. Dequito weighs in on the impact of konek2CARD in the lives of CARD MRI’s clients. “Based on the interactions and response of our clients in our social media pages and even on the field with our Account Officers and konek2CARD Agents, we can definitely say that our innovation is well-received among our clients. There will always be technical difficulties and confusion on technology, but with our well-trained and knowledgeable staff and agents, as well as our various campaigns, I am sure that konek2CARD will reach more clients and be of help to them for the years to come,” he said.

CARD MRI Founder and Chairman Emeritus Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip sees the goal of having 3.5 million konek2CARD registered users as another step towards the organization’s goal of financial inclusivity and poverty eradication. “The goal of reaching 3.5 million konek2CARD users is just a portion of what we truly aim, which is having more than 20 million members served after 10 years. CARD MRI truly believes that through innovation and technology, we can lift the lives of the Filipinos, especially during the pandemic,” Dr. Alip said on how innovation paves the path of a better tomorrow for the country.

CARD MRI follows the 10-20-80 strategic direction that aims to have 20 million members and 80 million insured individuals within 10 years. The path of digital transformation, including konek2CARD, is CARD MRI’s way of making financial products and services available and affordable to the public. For more information about konek2CARD, visit their official Facebook page @konek2CARDOfficial.