CARD Bank celebrates 22 years of empowering lives

In celebration of its 22nd anniversary this September, CARD Bank, Inc., a microfinance oriented-rural bank of CARD MRI, vows to provide more efficient service as it continues to digitalize its banking services.  

“As we embark in our digitalization journey, we put first the needs of our growing number of clients for a better and faster service,” said Marivic Austria, President and CEO of CARD Bank. “Our continuous effort in digital transformation is to help our clients especially in the rural areas not only to keep up with the technological advances but more of bringing our banking services closest to their home either through our Agents or through client self-initiated transactions.”

In recent years, CARD Bank is continuously improving its digital channels like konek2CARD and Digital Cash Machine (DCM).

The konek2CARD is a mobile app that enables clients to access their CARD Bank savings accounts anytime and anywhere via smart phone. Through the app, clients can check their account balances, do cash-out/cash-in requests, pay their weekly dues and transfer funds. Bills payment and e-load were added recently. DCM allows clients to withdraw money from their account using the machine by scanning the QR Code generated from their konek2CARD app. 

Simultaneous with its anniversary celebration, the bank also celebrated Savings Month. Series of activities will be done to promote different savings products. Freebies like limited edition umbrellas and tumblers were given to their Maagap savers and top depositors during the savings day on September 2, 2019. 

To date, CARD Bank has reached three million clients nationwide.