CARDEEskwela gathers Maagap Savers in Davao

Davao City, Philippines, October 28, 2015 – Forty five Maagap savers of CARD Bank in Davao City together with their parents gathered for the third leg of CARDEEskwela in Almendras Gymnasium. CARDEEskwela, which was launched in 2014 in San Pablo City, Laguna, is one of the efforts of CARD Bank to prepare its savers, particularly  children six to 12 years old, for their financial future. The third leg was themed ‘Family Fun Day’.

“Preparing for your financial future is very important,” said Marivic M. Austria, CARD Bank’s Senior Vice President, commending the efforts of the parents and guardians in teaching their children the habit of saving even at a young age.

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Part of the CARDEEskwela is for savers to undergo a financial literacy session. Marketing Manager Guada May Brion facilitated the session and shared to the participants the basic concepts of money and its value and some helpful tips on how they can spend wisely, save, and share their hard earned money.

“At their age, they must learn how to value money. We taught them that through interactive activities befitting their age and needs,” shared Manager Brion adding that the kids enjoyed and at the same time learned from the activity. The event is also a great time for the parents and guardians to spend time with their children.

“We asked the children to prepare a budget out of the earnings they got from the interactive games. The involvement of parents in the activity influenced them to be wiser in budgeting. They learned to prioritize their needs over wants as they shop within a strict budget in the mock-up grocery store that we have set up in the venue,” shared Manager Brion.

There was also a mock-up bank intended for the children to have actual common banking experience such as opening an account, deposit and withdrawals.  The experience served as an eye-opener on the actual day-to-day transactions in a bank.

From the CARDEE cash they earned from the whole session, children were asked to decide whether to spend, save or donate the individual CARDEE cash they earned. “At a very young age, they already have a genuine perception of how they can spend, save and donate through their simple ways,” shared Manager Brion.

CARD Bank, which is a member institution of CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI), a social development organization aiming to eradicate poverty in the country also shared the story of CARD MRI during the event. Facilitators shared the story in the Visayan language using visuals. It gave the children a glance on the journey of CARD MRI in achieving it’s mission and vision.

Children were also handed with certificates, souvenir shirts and ball pen at the end of the event. They also took their oath of commitment to become a wise saver.

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